Curriculum Vitae

My education, career, and qualifications

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1 • Anagraphic Data, Contacts and References

2 • About

After graduating in Computer Science at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, I was hired (following a four-month internship) as an apprentice developer at Nebula, the Var Group cloud division dedicated to Microsoft Azure technology platforms. My job as a developer immerses me in using Azure, the .NET ecosystem and the C# programming language. During my university studies, I worked (first with a seasonal contract for four years, then with a permanent contract for two years) at Actv S.p.A., the public transport company operating in the municipality of Venice. I started with the qualification of “Apprentice Sailor” and ended as Sailor”. Career aside, I love learning; expanding my knowledge is one of the fundamentals of my life. When I’m not busy, I spend my free time studying. The investigation currently focuses on understanding and learning what concerns my current work, i.e., Azure, the .NET ecosystem, and the C# programming language. Furthermore, I dabble in the world of Web development, and I keep alive the flame that made me love the world of websites and web apps development, although my job is not directly related to that field. Not surprisingly, one of my satisfactions consists in maintaining this website, Computer science is my life and my greatest passion, a visceral devotion that leads me to study even when I’m traveling. An ordinary bus ride is an occasion to take my phone to learn something or deepen my knowledge in some areas of ​​the software development world.

3 • Career Goal

My current goal is to acquire considerable experience in cloud development with Microsoft Azure and in software development with the .NET platform and the C# programming language. I want to work in a company that allows me to grow professionally throughout my work career and that’s not tied to obsolete technologies or specific applications. I want to create software solutions touching all the highlights in software development: UI implementation, UX analysis, back-end development, front-end development, performance, safety and maintainability analysis, and testing.

4 • Expectations and Features of the Desired Job

5 • Soft Skills

6 • Work Experiences

6.1 • Nebula

June, 2020 → Today: Apprentice developer

January, 2020 → June, 2020: Intern

Place: Mestre before, Casier now

The position of developer that I cover at Nebula lets me exploit and increase the knowledge acquired during my university studies at the class of Computer Science of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Specifically, I’m gaining skill in developing code written in the C# programming language, integrated with Microsoft’s .NET development platform (first with .NET Framework and .NET Core, now with .NET 5). I’ve gained practice in applications’ lifecycle management, from the implementation of graphical interfaces to development, testing, up to the release of the product and its post-distribution maintenance. The software products I work on base their back-end on Microsoft Azure. For this reason, I can work with different services that this IaaS platform provides, thus obtaining a basic knowledge of tools such as:

Working with applications’ lifecycle management, I experience the field of tests (both unit and integration) and post-publication support, both of the products that I create and of applications developed by other colleagues. I gain knowledge of the practices and patterns that underpin the DevOps development methodology.

The software I work on embraced multiple targets; in fact, I work on:

This job lets me gain experience in using two code versioning tools, a centralized one like Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and a decentralized one like Git.

6.2 • Actv S.p.A.

October, 2018 → January, 2020: Sailor

June, 2014 → September, 2018: Apprentice Sailor

Place: Venice

Actv S.p.A. is responsible for public transportation in Venice and Chioggia municipalities and interurban bus services in Venice. I worked for them with the qualification of “Apprentice Sailor” first and “Sailor” then. I landed transport units, ensured passenger safety, checked travel tickets and provided information to those who asked. This work has allowed me to put my knowledge of the English language into practice since a significant part of the customers were foreign tourists, but also in a complicated one. The considerable influx of tourists and the peculiar characteristics of Venice (tides and fog) stress public transportation. I have often had to endure situations of considerable psychological stress, which have allowed me to gain confidence in managing certain cases, even delicate ones.

7 • Education

7.1 • University

The course of study allowed me to learn and lay a solid foundation on software development issues. I studied the C, F#, Java, OCaml and JavaScript programming languages, and the HTML and CSS markup languages. I also learned the TeX typography system and the LaTeX software on my own. The classes I attended were the following:

7.2 • High School

I attended the PNI (National IT Plan) Scientific High School. I developed a good, general knowledge of humanistic and scientific disciplines. This course allowed me to create a profitable study method to obtain good results in the various classes.

8 • Foreign Language Skills

9 • Information Technology Skills

9.1 • Languages

9.1.1 • Programming Languages

The programming languages I know, in order of expertise, are the following:

9.1.2 • Query Languages

The query language I know is SQL.

9.1.3 • Markup Languages

The markup languages I know are:

9.2 • Development Software and Tools

The development software and tools I know are:

9.3 • Operating Systems

I know and have used the following operating systems:

10 • Personal Skills

Because of my university background and current job, I developed a level of communication proficiency that lets me sharply express myself. Moreover, these two experiences made me acquire the ability to work in teams.

I’m an enthusiastic self-taught person. Every day I study something new and extend my knowledge about various Computer Science topics, primarily those that my current job involves.

I have a practical sense of duty, dedication, responsibility, and organization. I strive to carry out what I have to do and what my colleagues ask me.

11 • Publications

I made the following publications:

12 • Personal Projects

I invented, designed, built, and maintain my static website (the website you are now), using the Eleventy static site generator and hosting it on Netlify. I made it from scratch, taking advantage of Netlify’s CI/CD pipeline. The source code is available on GitHub.

13 • Volunteer Experience

For many years, I joined the “National Food Collection Day”. It’s an initiative organized by “Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS”. They promote the recovery and redistribution of food surpluses to charities, organizes and manages the National Food Collection Day and other food drives and manages communication tools at a national level.