My name is Franco, I'm 26 and I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Technology is my biggest passion: computers, coding, networks, operating systems, smartphones, performance; I like everything. One thing I literally love is web development, with its HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. I learn new things and save some time to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code every day. In general, I can say I love creating websites and web apps, not only on the code side, but also on the UI/UX side. I strive to create beautiful, clean and fast web experiences. I think the web is one of the biggest creations of humankind because it lets people from around the world to connect to each other, creating amazing communities too.

This website

This website was built from scratch and its code written by hand. Only one tool was used: a static site generator. In my case it was Eleventy.

Realizing my website (like any other), I always search for speed, cleanliness and personal brand. I wanted my website to:

Eleventy allowed me to fully satisfy the first requirement, without using any server side language or database. This site is entirely static, which means that its pages are provided by the server “as is”, without any preliminary compilation. Databases are notoriously slow and dangerous for security: a static website does not have these problems.

In this website you will find only the essentials, i.e. those things that really deserve to be on a page. If you love crap (social buttons everywhere, ads, lack of responsiveness, extremely heavy or poorly optimized images, poorly managed fonts, abuse of colors, bad layout and so on) this website is not for you.


The layout of this website is totally responsive: it's able to adapt perfectly to any type of device you use, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.


I wanted this website to be both fast and personal. That's why I optimized each of its assets, including fonts. To obtain the better performance without negatively impacting on the UX, I opted for one of the so called “web safe fonts” stacks: Verdana, sans-serif.

Color palette

The colors you see are:

Hosting and security

This website is hosted on Netlify, it follows the principles of the JAMstack architecture and IndieWeb movement, and is served through HTTPS.


Images on this website were taken by me and are exclusively mine, and they are served based on the width of the viewport. This lets you see the best image according to your device, saving battery and bandwidth since you don't have to download unecessary data.

Third-party services

This website doesn't use any third-party service. Any. It doesn't use analytics, third-party tracking scripts, it doesn't store cookies, it doesn't use a server-side database, it doesn't use social scripts, it doesn't show ads. Your privacy and your experience are far more important to me than metrics.